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What are flashes and floaters?

In order to process what we see around us, our eyes bend light and our brain interprets the different images. Light first enters the front of the eye and passes through the vitreous before it hits the retina. The vitreous is a clear gel that fills the center of the eye. When clumps of gel form within the vitreous, these are known as floaters. As they move around, they pass shadows on the retina, which causes us to see little dots, lines, circles, clouds, or cobwebs within our field of view. When the vitreous gel hits or weighs down the retina, flashes occur. Some describe it as seeing "stars" or lightning streaks. If you have been experiencing flashes and/or floaters, we invite you to call Baton Rouge Eye Physicians in Baton Rouge, LA to book an appointment with one of our seasoned ophthalmologists.

Treatments for Flashes and Floaters

Flashes and floaters are generally caused by the natural aging process and usually go away on their own over time. However, they can be a sign of a retinal detachment or another serious eye condition, which is why it's important to have your eyes examined right away if you have noticed a lot of new flashes and/or floaters, shadows in your side view, or a gray curtain that covers a portion of your visual field. During an eye exam, our team will assess your ocular structures to check for any signs of retinal damage or underlying eye diseases. From there, we will determine if any treatment is necessary to repair the retina and discuss therapies that can help with flashes and floaters.

living with floaters

Although flashes and floaters can be annoying, they generally fade over time and become less bothersome. While invasive treatment options are available, the risks usually outweigh the minor annoyances caused by floaters. These occurrences can, however, be a sign of a retinal detachment, which should not go untreated. Contact Baton Rouge Eye Physicians to set up an appointment at our office in Baton Rouge, LA today.

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