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About Toric and Multifocal Lenses

Baton Rouge Eye Physicians is pleased to offer toric and multifocal lenses for the treatment of cataracts and other vision impairments. These devices are also known as intraocular lenses (IOLs). An IOL is an artificial, clear, plastic lens that is permanently placed on the eye through surgery. A multifocal lens offers three powers for near, intermediate, and distant vision. A toric lens is uniquely shaped and offers two powers, one for distance and the other for astigmatism correction. If you have blurry vision due to cataracts, astigmatism, or age-related vision loss, contact our eye clinic in Baton Rouge, LA to learn more about artificial lenses and how they can help you.

How are IOLs placed?

Toric and multifocal IOLs are long-lasting devices that are surgically implanted inside the eye. This is achieved through cataract or lens replacement surgery. Although this sounds scary, the procedure is very safe and only takes about 15 minutes to complete. First, a small incision is made on the side of the cornea. Then, the damaged lens is removed and the selected IOL is inserted behind the pupil. Lastly, a protective covering will be placed over the eye and will need to be worn for about a week. Prescription eye drops will be also be prescribed to aid in the healing process.

better vision with IOLs

Do you have cataracts, astigmatism, or presbyopia? Thanks to advanced ocular technology, there are several long-lasting options that are available for improving your vision. With toric and multifocal IOLs, our ophthalmologists can help you achieve better eyesight and reduce your dependency on glasses or contacts. Reach out to Baton Rouge Eye Physicians in Baton Rouge, LA today.

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