Refractive Lens Exchange in Baton Rouge, LA

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What Is Refractive Lens Exchange?

Our ophthalmologists are proud to provide refractive lens exchange (RLE) for Baton Rouge, LA patients. RLE is designed to remove the eye's natural lens and substitute it with a medical-grade IOL (intraocular lens) to correct or significantly reduce many kinds of refractive errors and boost crisp vision at multiple distances. It is a great treatment option for individuals who have abnormally elevated levels of myopia or hyperopia and who are not eligible for other laser vision procedures. And, a significant benefit is that the artificial lens isn't susceptible to cataracts, which means RLE alleviates that concern. Call our eye clinic in Baton Rouge, LA to schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for refractive lens exchange.

Am I A Candidate For RLE?

The best candidates for RLE, or refractive lens exchange, at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians includes women and men who typically:

  • Have myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia, or astigmatism
  • Want clearer vision
  • Want to reduce their reliance on glasses and contacts
  • Are usually 40+ years old
  • Are not candidates for LASIK or other corrective procedures
  • Have early cataracts

how is RLE Surgery performed?

Baton Rouge Eye Physicians conducts RLE as an outpatient procedure that usually is completed in around 10 – 20 minutes, though, if you plan to get new lenses for each eye, you will have to wait about seven days between surgeries. To start off your surgery, we will apply special eye drops to desensitize the eyes and often a soothing anesthetic to maximize relaxation if needed. Then, a small incision is created in the corneal tissue and innovative technology is used to easily fragmentize and remove the patient's existing lens. Lastly, the customized IOL will be placed and the incision will be left to heal on its own without stitches.

Once the anesthetic eye drops fade away, you may have some slight soreness. This will only last a couple of days and is easily addressed with over-the-counter painkillers. Many patients who undergo RLE are able to take advantage of their stronger vision within a week, though, during the initial few months, patients might experience bouts of blurry vision, light sensitivity, and dry eye symptoms. These are normal parts of the healing period and shouldn't be a cause for concern. Baton Rouge Eye Physicians will plan a series of vital follow-up visits during the months after your surgery to watch the course of your healing.

Refractive Lens Exchange FAQ

Is refractive lens exchange safe?

Refractive lens exchange is as safe as cataract surgery. Numerous studies have shown the safety and efficacy of the procedure for a wide range of patients.

Is refractive lens exchange painful?

Prior to the procedure, numbing anesthetic eye drops will be used with most patients typically experiencing no discomfort. The recovery time for refractive lens exchange procedures is minimal with most patients returning to work, driving, and resuming normal daily activities within a week of the surgery.

Is refractive lens exchange permanent?

Yes, it is. Refractive lens exchange is a permanent solution to nearsightedness or farsightedness. In addition, RLE isn't susceptible to cataracts so you won't have that concern in the future.

Long-Term Clear Vision

RLE at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians is an innovative elective procedure that could significantly enhance your visual acuity, as well as decrease your dependency on corrective lenses. For patients who aren't ideal candidates for LASIK or PRK, refractive lens exchange may be an excellent alternative and has the added benefit of eliminating the possibility of getting cataracts in the future. Call or visit our Baton Rouge, LA practice to schedule your RLE evaluation today.

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