Can Myopia Lead to Vision Loss?

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Myopia is one of the refractive errors that result from a misshapen cornea and the eye's inability to guide incoming light onto the retina. Also known as nearsightedness, this condition usually presents in childhood and may taper off, though occasionally, it may worsen with age. Your specific situation depends on near-countless factors, though myopia usually does not cause permanent blindness or vision loss.

The rare "degenerative myopia" is more dangerous, so it's always in your best interest to seek a professional consultation in Baton Rouge, LA. So, contact us today at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians for peace of mind and timely treatment strategies.

What is myopia (nearsightedness)?

A rare form of myopia, degenerative myopia, can cause blindness if left untreated. Find out more about this refractive disorder here.

When light is not correctly refracted (bent) onto the retina, clear vision is impossible. Instead, it may be blurry, fuzzy, or otherwise out of focus. Additionally, those with myopia may find themselves constantly squinting. Consequently, other forms of pain and discomfort may manifest, including eye strain, fatigue or tiredness, and headaches.

Refractive disorders like myopia affect more than 150 million Americans. And while the total prevalence of refractive errors may be surprising, the number of myopia cases is potentially even more unexpected. Over 40% of Americans are myopic, based on figures from the American Optometric Association. And while that's an alarming number, it's still rising and affecting a large proportion of school-aged children.

Can myopia cause vision loss?

This scourge of sight is why we're dedicated to offering a complete spectrum of optic care for your entire family and patients of all ages. After all, children struggling with myopia are more likely to face other challenges. For example, improper eyesight can negatively impact scholastic performance by making it harder to focus or concentrate, leading to poorer academic outcomes and less life enjoyment overall.

Myopia generally and mostly does not lead to blindness. Typically, it's more of a nuisance than a severe threat and can usually be corrected with visual aids, including eyeglasses and contact lenses. We also proudly offer various forms of refractive treatments, including laser-based surgeries, for an effective, long-term solution.

There is, however, a rare form of myopia called degenerative myopia that can lead to irreversible vision loss. If left untreated, it could also cause blindness. This degenerative myopia affects about 2% of the population and is believed to be inherited, with ethnicity playing a role in genetic predisposition.

The variety of refractive errors can negatively influence one's life in many ways. It can rob you of productivity at school or work. It can make driving, reading, or enjoying your favorite hobbies and activities harder or impossible. And even though it is not likely that myopia will cause vision loss or lead to blindness, the rarer variant known as degenerative myopia can yield these severe outcomes.

Don't suffer from myopia any longer, or risk your eyesight

Nearsightedness may not be cause for alarm. Yet, peace of mind and long-term eye health are both invaluable gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones in Baton Rouge, LA. Therefore, it's essential to seek a professional opinion if you, or a loved one, is experiencing visual difficulties or if you have any concerns.

Our expert team at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians can diagnose the issue and offer timely treatment, personalized based on your unique needs, expectations, and ocular status. So, reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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