Do I Really Need an Eye Exam Every Year?

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It's no exaggeration to say that eyesight affects everything. Whether at school, work, the gym, behind the wheel, or anywhere else, clear sight is invaluable. The opposite is also true, and visual woes can sap your energy, make you less productive, affect your confidence, and cause physiological problems, like eye strain and headaches.

But complications can be avoided, resolved, or treated through expert eyecare at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians. So contact us today or come see us in Baton Rouge, LA.

Am I a candidate? Why are routine eye exams important?

Yearly eye exams are beneficial at almost any age or stage of life. They're especially important for youngsters, so we can ensure their eyes and vision are developing correctly. Any potential issues may be easier to resolve at an earlier stage, saving time, stress, and money later. Plus, proper vision is indispensable in helping your loved ones feel good, focus, and excel at school and everywhere else.

Plus, about 150 million Americans have some form of refractive error. It's possible that some of these individuals don't even realize their vision is faulty. Some may have noticed detrimental effects but have put off seeking help for so long that they've grown used to their impaired vision. Others may be hesitant due to anxieties or worries. And that's why we strive to foster a friendly, relaxed environment at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians. Plus, there's nothing to fear about an eye exam. It's a virtually painless, noninvasive procedure that yields immense benefits down the line.

Eye exams can also preemptively detect age-related issues that occur in one's 40s and beyond. These include the formation of cataracts, glaucoma, and presbyopia (farsightedness caused by aging eyes). A timely intervention can improve your visual acuity and prevent ocular damage that may occur if the issue is left untreated. This is vitally true for glaucoma, which is notorious for causing imperceptible harm that's only apparent after irreversible damage has been done. But you can help avoid glaucoma-mediated vision with timely action, made possible by routine eye exams.

Do I really need an eye exam every year?

Absolutely! The status of one's eyes is constantly changing and is influenced by many factors, including environmental and lifestyle aspects. But with our state-of-the-art tech, our experienced eye specialists will perform various tests to gauge the capabilities and overall health of your eyes and any changes that occur with time.

Some of these tests you're undoubtedly familiar with, like the Snellen Chart that requires you to read off progressively smaller lines of characters. Or the slit lamp exam, which utilizes an optometric microscope equipped with a light. This light shines through the eye to illuminate the goings-on inside and the structural integrity of different tissues.

We'll also test your binocularity, or stereoscopic vision, which is your eyes' ability to properly focus on the same object and allow impeccable detail and tracking abilities. And, of course, we'll test your color vision and visual field to detect any potential blind spots.

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As you can see, it's vital to see us and get checked out routinely. There's no reason to hesitate, and it's in your best interest to stay on top of your ocular health, especially if you haven't scheduled an exam in a while. Various issues can be brewing below the ocular surface, and earlier detection and treatment are always more effective.

We offer comprehensive, detail-attentive family care at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians and we can't wait to help you enjoy the best possible ocular outcome. So reach out to us today to schedule an eye exam in Baton Rouge, LA.

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