How Long Do the Results of LASIK Last?

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Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is a laser eye surgery that our eye specialists use to improve a patient’s vision in Baton Rouge, LA. At Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, we use this surgery to permanently reshape the cornea, which helps repair different vision problems. In many cases, patients’ vision can still change over time, despite undergoing LASIK eye surgery. Your LASIK results will last depending on factors such as how old you are when you have surgery or if you have a history of other progressive eye diseases. To learn if you’re a candidate for LASIK in Baton Rouge, LA, schedule a LASIK eye evaluation.

What is LASIK?

When light hits your cornea, it bends and focuses on your retina. When this refraction doesn’t occur correctly, it can lead to blurry vision. This is called a refractive error.

LASIK can help correct three common refractive errors, including:

1. Astigmatism: This is caused by an imperfect cornea shape.

2. Nearsightedness or myopia: This occurs when your vision is sharp when looking at things close, but is blurry for those far away.

3. Farsightedness or hyperopia: You can see things far away, but have blurry vision for things close.

With this vision corrections surgery, our goal is to correct a patient’s vision so they don’t need glasses or contacts anymore.

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

One of our experienced ophthalmologists can examine your eyes thoroughly at a LASIK evaluation to determine if you’re a good candidate for LASIK. A candidate must be 18 years or older and have enough corneal thickness to be eligible.

How is LASIK eye surgery performed?

At Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, our eye specialists have the necessary training, skills, and experience to perform this laser vision correction surgery. LASIK surgery is a fast and effective way to correct your vision and has proven long-lasting results. Our goal is to help our patients live their lives with the clearest vision possible. We use the latest techniques to maximize the results of their laser vision correction surgery. This surgery generally takes less than a half hour. We create a thin corneal flap that we pull upward to recontour the corneal tissue underneath so there is no more refractive error. After surgery is done, we move the flap back into place and you heal without stitches. Ultimately, most of our patients have clear vision the next day after their LASIK surgery.

How long do LASIK results last?

LASIK permanently corrects vision and removes any cornea imperfections. This is what is responsible for improving a patient’s vision. While your eyes can change again, your vision will never go back to how it was before LASIK. Presbyopia occurs when the cornea loses its ability to focus on things close by. This can start as early as age 40. However, this condition will only require reading glasses. For patients whose vision changes significantly, a LASIK enhancement can be done, which will help you maintain excellent vision.

Learn how LASIK can improve your vision

At Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, our eye specialists offer laser vision correction surgery to patients in Baton Rouge, LA. During a LASIK evaluation, we decide if you’re a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. To learn more about LASIK vision correction surgery, call our office to schedule an eye evaluation today.

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