How Long Does Blurry Vision Last After LASIK Eye Surgery?

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LASIK eye treatment is a surgical procedure to augment the cornea to improve vision issues and common refractive errors. With advanced laser technology, men and women can improve farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. At Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, we are excited to provide state-of-the-art treatments, like LASIK. This innovative treatment changes the cornea's curvature to enable light to focus correctly on the retina for clearer vision, allowing Baton Rouge, LA patients to forgo wearing contacts or glasses. To learn more or determine if this laser vision correction surgery is right for you, contact Baton Rouge Eye Physicians and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced ophthalmologists today.

Innovative treatment for eyesight problems

LASIK is commonly called laser refractive surgery to correct vision problems. A special type of cutting laser is used to alter the shape of the dome-shaped tissue at the front of the eye (cornea). The cornea bends (refracts) light precisely onto the retina at the back of the eye. However, for people who struggle with farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism, the light is bent incorrectly, causing individuals to experience blurry vision. However, by reshaping the cornea with a laser vision correction treatment, like LASIK, wearing contact lenses or glasses can be a thing of the past.

What can you expect after LASIK eye treatment?

LASIK is a safe procedure that provides suitable candidates with clearer vision without contact lenses or glasses, improving their quality of life. At Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, we advise our patients on what they can expect for the first few weeks during their recovery.

  • You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure
  • Rest is necessary for at least 4 – 5 hours immediately afterward
  • Be prepared to feel like there is something in your eye
  • Do not rub or touch your eyes
  • Dark red spots on the whites of your eyes for several days
  • Cloudy or blurry vision

Will I have blurry vision after LASIK?

Following this laser vision correction surgery, your eyes may feel irritated, gritty, itchy, and watery. You will experience some minor discomfort for the first four hours, which will then start to dissipate. Another common side effect after LASIK is cloudy or blurry vision. While you will see better the day after surgery, your vision may be a bit blurry or hazy immediately afterward. These temporary vision difficulties usually clear up after the first few weeks. However, it can take about 2 – 3 months before your vision fully stabilizes and your eyes completely heal.

What to avoid after LASIK surgery

Even though your vision may be slightly blurry after surgery, you will likely notice a significant improvement. While most patients are anxious to get back to their normal routine, it is essential to remember your corneas are trying to heal. For that reason, you should avoid the following for the first few weeks:

  • Soap and water in the eye area
  • Avoid smoke, dust, or doing outdoor gardening or yard work
  • Eye makeup
  • Long hours on a computer without taking frequent breaks
  • Swimming or submerging your head underwater
  • Exercising for 2 – 3 days following surgery

If you are considering LASIK surgery, you probably wear contact lenses or glasses. At Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, our doctors will talk with you about whether laser eye correction surgery is an option that will work for you. To schedule an appointment for an eye exam and to learn more about LASIK, call our practice in Baton Rouge, LA today.

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