How Safe Is LASIK Eye Surgery?

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The specialists at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians understand you have concerns about safety when considering LASIK eye surgery. LASIK has been a trusted solution for vision correction that has been administered to more than 10 million Americans since it received FDA approval in 1999. We are proud to offer LASIK surgery as a vision correction solution for our patients in Baton Rouge, LA.

How does LASIK work?

The LASIK procedure uses laser technology to adjust the dome-shaped tissue in the front part of the eye or cornea. This helps reshape the cornea to allow light to enter the eye correctly to prevent blurred vision.

The laser makes an incision to create a corneal flap and then corrects the contour on the eye to help light move through. The flap then goes back to its normal position, where the eye then heals without requiring stitches.

What happens after LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK is safe for many people, and we at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians in Baton Rouge, LA can safely guide you through every step of the way. You may experience a few minor side effects as you heal from the surgery, such as:

  • You will require antibiotics and eye drops for a few weeks after the procedure. Expect to use these for up to a month.
  • The procedure may cause dry eyes. You will experience a reduction in tear production that could last for up to six months on average.
  • Some glares, halos, and other effects may occur for a few weeks after the procedure. As the eye becomes used to its new shape, these problems will become less noticeable or prominent.

These issues will be minor and are easy to resolve in most situations. Contact the specialists at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians if you have further questions about the aftereffects of LASIK.

Is LASIK eye surgery suitable for everyone?

While LASIK is beneficial and safe, it is not necessarily for all people. Those who have severe forms of nearsightedness, large pupils, or thin corneas may not qualify for the procedure. People experiencing age-related eye changes that keep their vision from being as clear may also not be great candidates.

People who have eye diseases that cause the cornea to become thin and to develop bulges should also avoid LASIK surgery. Anyone with a family history of such diseases should also avoid the procedure, as there is no telling whether something might happen. You can talk with us about your needs and your medical history before undergoing the procedure to see if it is suitable for your plans. At Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, we offer alternative procedures for those who do not qualify for LASIK.

Contact us for more information on LASIK eye surgery

If you are interested in finding out more about LASIK eye surgery, the specialists at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians in Baton Rouge, LA can address all of your questions and concerns about the procedure. Contact us today to learn about our services and to schedule a consultation. You may qualify for this life-changing solution that can help you improve your eyesight without the hassle of contacts and eyeglasses.

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