Know the Difference Between Fall Eye Allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome

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Fall brings a lot of seasonal changes and potential excitement. But it also spells an uptick in eye allergies. Equally adverse, dry eye syndrome affects millions of individuals in the U.S. The two can appear similar, as they share some symptoms, including eye discomfort. Yet, these conditions also have different causes, and their treatments may differ.

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The differences between fall eye allergies and dry eye syndrome

Fall eye allergies, along with allergies in general, are caused by irritants called allergens. These can include pollen, pet dander, mold, spores, dust mites, environmental pollutants, cigarette smoke, and even fragrances or cosmetics.

Some (like mold and pollutants) may be harmful, but others cause an overreaction of the immune system. This results in symptoms like eye-watering, redness, irritation, puffiness, discomfort, sneezing, itching, runny nose, congestion, and other nasty effects meant to remove the irritant or limit its exposure.

Dry eye syndrome is caused by the underproduction of tears or poor-quality tears. Beyond just water, your tears contain oil and mucus to help them spread, increase lubrication, and resist evaporation. And when this mix is lacking, multiple symptoms can appear, including dryness, irritation, itching, redness, hazy vision, and the sensation that something is stuck in the eye.

Can eye allergies cause dry eye syndrome?

In addition to sharing some similar symptoms, one's allergies can be the cause of dry eyes. This link may be indirect, however, potentially resulting from the medications taken to alleviate allergic effects. These antihistamines reduce the body's response to allergens, and one manifestation of that is decreased tear production to reduce the excessive eye watering that occurs with allergies.

Whether it's fall allergies or dry eye syndrome keeping you from living your ideal life, our eye physicians in Baton Rouge, LA can get to the root of the problem through a comprehensive eye exam.

Once we've diagnosed the cause of your discomfort, we can act accordingly with a tailored treatment plan. Some treatments may be similar for both fall allergies and dry eyes. We can prescribe or recommend various types of eye drops or artificial tears, which will flush away the allergens and add moisture to the surface of your eyes.

Additionally, various everyday strategies can help fall allergy sufferers avoid allergens and cope with the autumnal season change, which sees a rise in allergies.

Suffering from fall eye allergies or dry eyes? Get in touch today for relief

We know that both fall eye allergies and dry eye syndrome can significantly impact one's daily life. The annoyance, and the potential for visual difficulties, can keep us from enjoying autumn. But you can find relief and improve your ocular health in Baton Rouge, LA with a quick phone call or message. Just contact us today at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians so we can help find the optimal solution for you.

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