What Are the Side Effects of Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)?

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Glaucoma is a global scourge affecting about 80 million people worldwide, with that figure set to balloon to more than 110 million individuals by 2040. In America, glaucoma afflicts over three million people. It’s more common in older populations over the age of 40 and is one of the primary causes of blindness worldwide.

But it’s also treatable, and at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, we’re dedicated to your long-term eye health and visual wellness. So, contact us today in Baton Rouge, LA to get the drop on glaucoma and ensure your optimal outcome.

Glaucoma is a worldwide concern

Fortunately, advancing ophthalmological technologies and techniques have improved the outcomes of individuals suffering from glaucoma. Patients now have numerous choices for treatment, and our expert eye physicians would love to help you choose the best one possible based on your unique needs, lifestyle, and health factors.

This includes the effective MIGS, or minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. It isn’t a single procedure but a family of different options – in the same way that glaucoma isn’t a singular disorder but a suite of ocular disorders that damage the vital optic nerve. And since the optic nerve allows signals to travel from the eyes to the brain, any harm done here can have significant and irreparable effects on your overall vision.

Initially, glaucoma sufferers begin losing their peripheral vision. If left untreated, vision loss converges toward the center of one’s visual field and can eventually lead to blindness. And it often occurs without any apparent sign or warning, giving glaucoma its nickname: “the silent thief of sight.” As such, it’s crucial to schedule regular eye exams, especially for individuals over 40.

The sad reality is that by the time ocular damage may be obvious, it could be too late to reverse it. Therefore, the best strategy is early detection and treatment. And with this timely intervention, we can help you keep your visual acuity and prevent future complications.

What Are the Side Effects of Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)?

Your specific MIGS surgical treatment will depend on multiple personal aspects, so we’ll be able to give you procedure-specific details when we see you for your comprehensive consultation.

You can expect certain things, though, the first being our compassionate, attentive care. MIGS treatments are also quickly performed, requiring about 10 – 15 minutes on an outpatient basis. The minimally invasive nature of these techniques also ensures a shorter recovery period and less downtime, allowing you to return to work and other daily tasks within a few days.

Patients are also significantly less likely to experience the side effects associated with glaucoma surgeries. These potential side effects are generally minor and short-lasting. They include bleeding in the eye, temporary complications involving intraocular pressure following the procedure, corneal swelling, or the risk of infection. Visual disturbances may also manifest, such as double vision.

Don’t let glaucoma rob you of your visual acuity

We proudly offer a range of glaucoma treatments at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians, so we can manage your condition and prevent as many related complications as possible. And through MIGS, we can do so quickly and effectively. Since glaucoma can silently cause ocular damage and blindness, it’s imperative to stay on top of your eye health.

And you can do so with a quick call or message. So, reach out to our eye experts in Baton Rouge, LA as soon as possible.

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