What are the Symptoms of an Eye Infection?

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Eye infections could lead to serious complications like vision loss when left untreated. So, do you have problems with itching or eye discharge that appears yellow or green? If so, it may be time to meet with a trusted eye care professional. 

Baton Rouge Eye Physicians hopes to educate patients about common eye infections, so they know when and how to seek treatment. Call one of our team members in Baton Rouge, LA if you experience any of the following symptoms. We are proud to provide comprehensive eye care solutions that can keep you healthy. 

What causes eye infections? 

Most standard eye infections are the result of harmful bacteria, a fungus, or a virus. For example, infectious agents can enter the eye through a small cut or contact with a contaminated object. Infection may also spread after sharing personal products like makeup brushes or a towel with an infected person. 

What are the symptoms of an eye infection? 

Symptoms of an eye infection vary depending on the type of infection present, but may include the following:  

  • Itchy eyes: People often feel the need to scratch their eyes when they have an infection. Excess scratching can increase your risk of further irritation and damage. 
  • Aching eyes: This may involve a dull ache or a general feeling of discomfort just behind the eye area. 
  • Watering eyes: Excessive tearing makes the eyes tear up more than usual. Watering eyes may lead to discharge that crusts over during sleep. 
  • Inflamed eyelids: This involves swollen, red, and painful eyelids, especially when you try to move or touch the affected areas. 
  • Oozing discharge: Some clear discharge is normal, but eye discharge that appears yellow or green in color is often a sign of infection. 

Untreated eye infections can cause serious and life-long problems in patients, including vision loss or blindness. In addition, an infection may damage the nerves that control eye movement, meaning you could experience impaired eye movement. 

How we treat eye infections 

Many people start with over-the-counter treatments, like artificial tears or antihistamines, for mild symptoms of an eye infection in Baton Rouge, LA. However, severe cases often require prescription-strength medication or antibiotics to clear the infection and prevent dangerous bacteria from returning. 

You can avoid vision loss or other complications by catching an infection early. Seek help from an experienced eye doctor as soon as possible if you experience the above symptoms. Baton Rouge Eye Physicians will perform an exam to determine the best course of treatment possible. 

Preventing eye infections in Baton Rouge 

There are several ways to prevent the spread of an eye infection at home. First, wash your hands regularly, especially before touching your eyes. This is particularly important among people who wear contact lenses. Don't touch or rub your eyes unnecessarily, as this can damage the delicate tissues and make you more susceptible to infection. 

You should also avoid sharing items like makeup brushes or towels with others. These objects tend to harbor bacteria and spread infection. Discard any products that come into contact with your eyes. 

Treat common eye infections 

Itching, aching, watering eyes, inflammation, or eye discharge can indicate the presence of an eye infection. Do not hesitate to reach out to Baton Rouge Eye Physicians if you experience any concerning symptoms. Our eye doctors in Baton Rouge, LA can determine the cause of your infection and recommend treatment options to help you achieve long-term relief. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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