What is Vision Like With Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma is among the most dangerous sight-stealing conditions because it’s often imperceptible in its early stages. Once vision is lost, irreparable damage may have occurred. While there is no cure, timely treatment can minimize damage and guard your future eye health. So, regular eye exams are critical since many glaucoma cases are undiagnosed.

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Glaucoma can cause blindness, and irreversible damage, so timely treatment is vital

Glaucoma can have various specific considerations or causes, though it is predominantly caused by increased pressure within the eye. Glaucoma is not a single entity but a set of disorders that attack the essential optic nerve that conveys signals from the eyes to the brain.

Just because you feel fine or your vision isn’t affected does not signify the absence of glaucoma. The major danger is that it advances silently and with no apparent effects. If left untreated, it will gradually obstruct more and more of one’s sight and can eventually cause blindness. The loss of vision begins at the peripheries of one’s visual field, so it may be difficult to notice.

Glaucoma is likelier to manifest with age and is most common in those 60 years or older. Family history is also a significant factor since glaucoma caused by abnormal pressure within the eye has a hereditary link. Certain eye conditions, like thin corneas, may also play a role, as do medical issues, like high blood pressure and specific medication use.

What does one’s vision look like with glaucoma?

As previously mentioned, glaucoma begins darkening one’s peripheral vision first. It may close in on the center of the visual field, giving a sort of tunnel vision or the appearance that one is looking out through a narrowed opening.

During the earlier stages, this may be barely noticeable or not noticeable at all, making a routine eye exam indispensable to your overall eye health. Other common disturbances include blurring of vision or the appearance of glare. Ocular pain may accompany these woes, as well as nausea. These will only worsen with time, so there is no reason to put off treatment.

A rarer type of glaucoma may cause a more sudden onset of visual disturbances along with other symptoms, like eye pain and nausea. If you experience any of these signs, it’s imperative to seek help right away, as this may be considered a medical emergency.

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Glaucoma is not curable, and it can occur despite one’s best efforts to maintain overall health. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll lose your vision or have to suffer. Because you can take control of your glaucoma and minimize the damage and discomfort by seeking professional help at Baton Rouge Eye Physicians. Just give us a call, send us a message, or pay us a visit in Baton Rouge, LA.

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